About BrickCat

BrickCat.com started in a very different format compared to what you see now, it was as a personal website back in 2012 to keep track of LEGO® prices for retailers in Dublin, Ireland and was never intended for public viewing or to be made into the graphical/colourful website it is today. The decsision was made back in late 2014 that other LEGO® fans could possibly benefit from the core idea of BrickCat which is to keep track of LEGO® prices across multiple retailers on a regular basis to get the best bargin possible.

With the decision to release the site to the web the decision was made to start from scratch to build up the core system behind the website and to make it easier to add on new features in the future, this required a wipe of the existing database due to the poor data structure that was originally used as it was never intended to be more then a single web page running on a home pc.

Work started in November 2014 to redevelop the whole site and it's core system, it was completed in December 2015 and the site went live in mid January 2016. BrickCat came out of a beta phase in January 2019, we are confident that everything is working smoothly and efficently, we do regular reviews of all aspects of BrickCat.com.

From here on out it's a case of building on the strong foundations of the core system we have and to add as much functionality and features we can to help LEGO® fans be informed of the best bargins they can get.

In April 2017 LUGHQ.com rebranded as BrickCat.com.

We collect data from multiple sources and are always looking for ways to improve the data we collect and it's quality, this is to keep the website as up to date as possible. Some data may not match sets correctly, this is due to the source data for sets marked with incorrect set details which is out of our control, we do our best to match these sets as best we can with the information available to us from multiple sources.