Site Update January 2019

With the start of 2019 we see as we do every year the availability of the first batch of the quarterly cycle of new sets from TLG. This years initial release is heavily dominated by the new sets for The LEGO Movie 2 which is scheduled for release in March 2019.

But as it's the new year I would like to give a bit of insight and some statistics on what we've been doing up to this point.

YearPrice UpdatesSets Added

2019 is shaping up already to be a very busy year, we have loads of features ready to go (in the background) but are just doing a bit of fine tuning before we release these features, we are also trying to squeeze in a couple more suggestions and requests we've received from users and different AFOL groups.

We are also looking for anyone interested in helping out with the site to get in contact, we have a ton of amazing things we want to bring to LEGO fans to make buying and playing with LEGO easier and cheaper as well as expanding to cover more countries. If your intrested and have experience in PHP or Python then drop us a message on our contact us page, if you have a github account or a portfolio then it wont hurt to send that on as well, we look forward to hearing from you.

Heres to a busy but very interesting 2019 and once again thanks for all your support over the past few years.