Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to BrickCat, as this is the first post we'll go through a couple of things to layout where we are and where we hope to go in the future.

First things first, the core of BrickCat is a LEGO price comparison engine which you will see as you browse through the site, it consists of a range of different themed LEGO sets currently or previously available in retailers in the countries we support, at the time of writing this post we only support Ireland (but plans already exist for other countries).

Since we started tracking prices for LEGO sets back on the 1st of January 2016 we have over 840 sets on BrickCat with over 12,860 price changes to date over 10 different retailers.

As we continue to enhance and build upon the data we have collected, we've recently started adding stock checking to give a better view across retailers to get the lowest price where there is a reasonable chance the retailer has it in stock so as to not waste people's time going to a store to find it's not available. The stock feature is a work in progress and will be tweaked and changed where we see fit and based on user feedback for the benefit of more accurate data.

And lastly on the website features we have numerous other cool features we're working on to make the site more interactive and to give our users the flexibility to be aware of price changes as they happen without the need to be at a computer refreshing the screen 24 hours a day, we hope to release these features in the very near future.

With all that out of the way, I want to thank all the people that have been using BrickCat since we launched back in late 2015/early 2016 and everyone that has come along since, we've seen our monthly unique views increasing steadily since January 2016 and hope to keep that trend going.

We are very open to feedback and suggestions on what features you would like to see or even what aspects of the site you don't like and may even want removed (which has already happened), if you would like to get in contact and help shape the future of BrickCat then please do by contacting us through our contact page.

At this point I would like to say a special thanks to everyone over at Brick.ie as they have been invaluable with their feedback in the very early stages of BrickCat and continue to be as the site develops and a lot of the positive and negative feedback has shaped BrickCat as it currently is and will be in the very near future. So once again thanks to everyone at Brick.ie.

I will leave it at that, short and sweet for our first post, but please get in contact if you have any feedback on what you would like to see added/changed/removed from BrickCat.