New LEGO Shop Website

Yesterday LEGO rolled out their new LEGO Shop website to the world after a soft release of the new website in Switzerland back in early August this year. Initial impressions are good with the site feeling more in fitting with the LEGO brand. At a very high level it's a good step in the right direction, but not just there yet.

There have been a couple of issues reported affecting purchases on the new LEGO Shop website but there are also other more serious issues that have been reported that shouldn't affect a company with the resources behind it like the LEGO Group.

We've outlined a couple of the issues being seen over the past 24 hours below:

  • Orders being cancelled with the reason being that the special offer code has already been used when it hasn't.
  • Slow response from the website, in some instances causing Firefox to go 'not responding' for a couple of seconds.
  • Orders that are given free delivery over the stated price say €55 in this case, if a code is used to say get €10 off your order then the free delivery doesn't kick in until €65.
  • There have been a couple of coding issues spotted also on the site, the most obvious one being the search page when no results are found, it displays the place holder where the search term looks like it should sit.
  • Searching for a term might return no results found X number of times but the next time it returns results.

These are just a snippet of the issues seen to date but all in all it's not that bad, there have been worse site launches in the history of the internet and I'm sure there will be many more to come, the majority of reports of purchasing through the site seem to be of a nice, clean and quick ordering process.

Search criteria code slip, looks like ${active} is meant to be replaced by the search term.

LEGO Shop Search Bug

The product listing page looks to be just a change of the site wrapping it as there doesn't look to be much change here, with that said the whole set page looks to be redesigned and looks to be much better then the previous version of the site.

The major big plus to the new LEGO Shop is that it's all responsive which is great to see, much easier to navigate, find products and purchase via your mobile device.

If I had to rate the site out of 10 I would say I'd give it a 6/10, due in part to the teething issues seen.